Writing a compiler in clojure conj

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Clojure Scripting

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Introduction to Clojure

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Clojure Equation Solver (Part 1)

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Otherwise, it would give return the: First, import the topic pprint and many other sources from clojure-contrib pprint namespace:. The underlying abstraction in Clojure is a sequence, both lists and vectors are sequences and so all the functions such as cons, conj, first, rest operate on both.

So, yes vectors can be appended and destructured just like lists. Cheatsheet Clojure Cheat Sheet (v43) Download PDF version / Source repo. Many thanks to Steve Tayon for creating it and Andy Fingerhut for ongoing maintenance. concat does not add an element to the tail of a collection, nor does it concatenate two collections.

concat returns a seq made of the concatenation of two other seqs. The original type of the collections from which seqs may be inferred are lost for the return type of concat. brainfuck interpreter and compiler written in Clojure brainfuck in Clojure. Part I: Interpreter. Brainfuck is one of the most popular esoteric programming languages.

Writing a Brainfuck interpreter is fun, in contrary to actually using this "language". The syntax is dead simple and semantics are rather clear. Can you explain the (map string 0) part above? How does the compiler know you're not using the map fn?

user=> (map "fred" 0) case-vacanze-bologna-centro.comlArgumentException: Don't know how to create. > Clojure-sanctioned #queue data reader people have been whispering about for > years.

> But this is definitely broken, and even if we don't expand the behavior this.

Writing a compiler in clojure conj
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Learning Clojure: Macros and Type Hints: Metadata and the Medusa.