How to write a great nurse resume

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Killer LPN Resume That Will Land You An Instant Interview

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7 Best Resume Tips for Nurses

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Administrative Assistant Resume Sample

Use our worksheets and templates to land you the interview of your dreams! Jan 10,  · Sample Nursing Resume Entry: Registered Nurse: License NumberActive since Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC), Kentucky Board of NursingClinical Nurse Specialist,Tennessee State Board of Nursing.

Nursing resume tips are great, but you might want to take a second to check out the tips that take any resume from average to amazing/5(51).

By reviewing nursing resume samples, you’ll get a flavor of the tone and style of a well-crafted resume summary. Below are two examples of nursing resume summaries: Bi-lingual critical care RN with experience in pediatric intensive care, neonatal and cardiac care units.

Promoted to Charge Nurse because of demonstrated leadership skills. Nurse Career Learning Center. Whether you are a nursing student, new grad, experienced nurse, or advanced practice nurse, our guides will help you take the next step in your nursing career.

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How To Write a Resume

Tips for Writing a Killer LPN Resume If you are an entry level Licensed Practical Nurse then you are well aware that Nursing is a competitive and challenging field. You need an equally reflective resume to help you stand out and really shine.

How to write a great nurse resume
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