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7 Key Responsibilities of an Emergency Room Nurse

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Jobs in the U.S.

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Washington Emergency Nursing Jobs

The emergency room of a hospital is one of the most high-stress environments a registered nurse can work in. While most people praise the doctors working in this ward for the care they provide in emergency situations, the nurses in the ER room also play a vital role in administering proper patient care.

Emergency room staff play one the most critical roles in a hospital setting - the frontline of triage and treatment for patients with everything from mild colds to extreme injuries.

What does an emergency room (ER) nurse do?

Emergency room nurses provide care for patients who are taken to hospital emergency centers in situations where severe symptoms require immediate medical attention. Studies of ER nurses show that they face special challenges. These include the high-pressure nature of emergency room nursing.

This expert is a highly qualified Pediatric Critical Care Nurse Practitioner. She received her BS in Nursing from the University of Florida and her MS in Nursing as a Pediatric NP from Duke University, with an additional post-master’s certificate in pediatric critical care from Duke University.

Emergency nursing information including symptoms, causes, diseases, symptoms, treatments, and other medical and health issues. Life as an ER nurse. We live in fear of an emergency on our days off- cause we just want a break!

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Nursing Skills for the Emergency Room

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Er nursing
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