Articles on unethical misconduct in nursing

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Plagiarism and unethical practices in literature

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Plagiarism and unethical practices in literature

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Scientific Misconduct

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Scientific misconduct (SMC) is an increasing concern in nursing science. This article discusses the prevalence of SMC, risk factors and correlates of scientific misconduct in nursing science, and highlights interventional approaches to foster good scientific conduct.

Oct 03,  · More employees than ever before turned whistleblower against unethical behavior last year, but they also suffered the highest amount of backlash in history from their bosses.

Misconduct case 'made needless exhibition' of Ebola nurse Pauline Cafferkey

Nearly half of all workers witnessed some sort of misconduct, according to a. The President of each College within the University has designated a Research Integrity Officer (RIO) to receive allegations of Research Misconduct involving faculty, staff.

The discussion of professional misconduct in advanced practice nursing raises several issues, including using standardized language and ensuring that APRNs know what misconduct is and how to handle it.

Research Integrity Officer (RIO)

Although nursing research dealing with academic and professional misconduct is sparse, evidence suggests that academic dishonesty is a predictor of workplace dishonesty. Given this correlation between unethical classroom behavior and unethical clinical behavior, efforts to staunch academic dishonesty may help allay professional misconduct.

Confronting Unethical Conduct Kirk O. Hanson The litany of scandals afflicting corporate America has raised many difficult questions for associations and other types of nonprofit organizations.

Articles on unethical misconduct in nursing
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Scientific Misconduct - Ethical Violations in Research